MMS - Shroom! Shop 12.12.2020 – 31.12.2020

Shroom! Shop | Eine Investition in die Zukunft | MMS OFFSPACE 9

There is never just “a” mushroom. Where one body sprouts up, you can be sure others are not far away. A mushroom is the tip, the fruit spreader, one energetic form that materialises from a subterranean mass of branching threads. This quintessentially fungal system of connections has been well explored for its analogous potential, but far from becoming saturated, these organisms seem to endlessly absorb the images and meanings they are stuffed with, effortlessly reflecting back new ways to read our shared world. They provide us with a distant point to stand and look back from, to imagine things in another way where humans perform an assisting role.

SHROOM! is a collective project by artists Marvin Moises Almaraz Dosal, Saskia Senge and Gesa Troch, arranged around the pursuit of a spore-bound perspective. Periodically, these players emerge above ground, appearing in one shape or another to humorously transform elements of the everyday into surreal environments. Stumbling into these clearings, you encounter contributions from various artists gathered together by SHROOM!.

Each time the appearance is different, but there is always something to consume: Take a dubiously slimy noodle from a serving tray at a catered quinceañera; break your teeth on a strawberry-skinned, ceramic peanut in an almost-edible theatre set; or invest in the future with your own calendar for the year 2075, available for purchase at the newly opened SHROOM! SHOP.

Mushrooms as food and mushrooms as models for living. These spaces are an invitation to embody another kind of organisation, to consume a piece, see its mind-altering power and play for a while at being non-human.